by any name in a sentence

  1. But, by any name, it's a charmer.
  2. By any name, this is a time to salute veterans.
  3. By any name, they soon became a subject of European delight.
  4. A fly by any name has never been so intriguing.
  5. By any name, this is not your grandfather's ballpark.
  6. It's difficult to find by any name in a sentence.
  7. But by any name, this was the Inhumanitarian Bowl.
  8. By any name, there is plenty to hate.
  9. The struggle must go on, by any name.
  10. But by any name, it is a sham.
  11. By any name, the Tennessee Titans love him.
  12. Because by any name, these guys are tough.
  13. By any name, this was one sweet run.
  14. Four in a row, by any name or measure, meant something.
  15. All of this is pretty heady stuff for a sophomore by any name.
  16. By any name, they have Detroit back in the Stanley Cup finals.
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