by any measure in a sentence

"by any measure" in Chinese  
  1. And, by any measure, he has been a success.
  2. By any measure, Boston Chicken is a gamble, however.
  3. At McKay, wages are legal but meager by any measure.
  4. By any measure, hers is an odd definition of trust.
  5. My boyhood athletic career was, by any measure, undistinguished.
  6. It's difficult to find by any measure in a sentence.
  7. By any measure, the timing of this session was curious.
  8. By any measure, Indian country is deep in social problems.
  9. By any measure, his commitment to capital punishment is unquestioned.
  10. I think this project has has superb management by any measure.
  11. But Clemens would be a logical choice, by any measure.
  12. The detractors'concerns, by any measure, are sobering.
  13. By any measure, Lanny Bezner is a successful family farmer.
  14. By any measure, the program seems to be a success.
  15. By any measure, 1998 has been a bust for Clinton.
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