by any means in a sentence

"by any means" meaning  "by any means" in Chinese  
  1. But villagers have vowed to get them out by any means necessary.
  2. We do not regard the British as oppressors by any means.
  3. They could not score by any means but the home run.
  4. This is not a significant threat to California by any means,
  5. Can a state legally destroy its enemies by any means necessary?
  6. It's difficult to find by any means in a sentence.
  7. They can give us their proposal by any means they choose.
  8. There was certainly no withholding of any evidence by any means,
  9. Conservative ?  Old fashioned ?  Not by any means!
  10. This is not a luxurious way to travel by any means,
  11. I am not satisfied with the explanation proferred by any means.
  12. It does not by any means replace our traditional investigative methods.
  13. They must defend their rights by any means they see fit.
  14. This team is not taking this lying down by any means.
  15. There has not been anything unpleasant about it by any means.
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