by any chance in a sentence

"by any chance" in Chinese  
  1. The liquid is not fluorescent or luminescent by any chance is it?
  2. :Is there by any chance any milk or cream in the coffee?
  3. :Is this a freezer / fridge with automatic defrost by any chance?
  4. :: Is the computer situated near a smoke detector by any chance?
  5. Can you by any chance find out what the song is called?
  6. It's difficult to find by any chance in a sentence.
  7. Do you know if any of us have Serb relatives, by any chance?
  8. Did they get that off his birth certificate by any chance?
  9. Does that have to do with this problem by any chance?
  10. "You don't by any chance know her father's first name, do you ?"
  11. :Did you by any chance look up proton or electron yet?
  12. Would you be willing to share the ticket # here, by any chance?
  13. Are you trying to get it to accept more RAM by any chance?
  14. By any chance will there be awareness pins for the Haiti relief efforts?
  15. Did they by any chance use a decommissioned military ship for that scene?
  16. Are you represented by President Clinton's brother-in-law, by any chance ?"
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