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  1. The peripheral lymphoid organs are the sites of lymphocyte activation by antigens.
  2. After activation by antigen, these B cells proliferate.
  3. Step1 : B cells are exposed around by antigens.
  4. Antigens which enter the blood stream can be captured by antigen specific IgE antibodies.
  5. CCL18 is produced mainly by antigen-presenting cells of the innate immune system.
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  7. Particles 300 nm in diameter appear to be most efficient for uptake by antigen presenting cells.
  8. Some antigens such as proteins may require to be previously loaded processed by antigen presenting cells.
  9. The role of adaptive immune responses mediated by antigen specific Th17 has been investigated more recently.
  10. CD40 is constitutively expressed by antigen presenting cells, including dendritic cells, B cells and macrophages.
  11. These cells can differentiate into many subtypes once activated by antigen presenting cells ( APCs ) like dendrites.
  12. Cathepsin S is expressed by antigen presenting cells including macrophages, B-lymphocytes, dendritic cells and microglia.
  13. These molecules ( MHC I ) are related to the peptide presentation by antigen-presenting cells in the immune response.
  14. With existing detectors, several antibodies have to be activated by antigens to create a signal which is large enough to be picked up.
  15. This indicates that OA1 peptide is processed and presented on the surface of melanoma cells to be recognized by antigen-specific T cells.
  16. Autoreactive B cells, maturated coincidentally, normally do not receive survival signals by antigen planted on follicular dendritic cells and perish by apoptosis.
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