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  1. Others conjectured that the playoffs were overshadowed by anticipation for next summer's Olympics.
  2. Tokyo stocks rose early Monday, buoyed by anticipation of consolidation at manufacturers and insurers.
  3. The correction was limited by anticipation for a seasonal spring rally, market watchers said.
  4. And retail companies are being hit by anticipation of a softer economy and slower sales.
  5. Motivated as much by anticipation as altruism, some 100, 000 donors passed through the turnstiles.
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  7. It's the time when the gardener's world is defined by anticipation, frustration, and four walls.
  8. When the gun went off in Friday's race, his guilt had been replaced by anticipation.
  9. Japan's main index edged higher Monday morning, buoyed by anticipation of consolidation at manufacturers and insurers.
  10. He excels more by anticipation than athletic ability.
  11. "My tingles from Wednesday are being replaced by anticipation, " said Bill Clement, the ESPN analyst.
  12. The rising growth expectations for the first half are largely fed by anticipation of substantial inventory rebuilding.
  13. But the gains were offset by anticipation of damp weather next week that should help troubled crops.
  14. The uncertainty of whether war would come has been replaced by anticipation of the first shots fired in anger.
  15. Corn futures were helped by anticipation of fewer barley exports from the European Union because of an export tax.
  16. Technology stocks continued to roll Tuesday, with semiconductor issues buoyed by anticipation of strong fourth-quarter demand for new products.
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