by and large in a sentence

"by and large" meaning  "by and large" in Chinese  
  1. But the fear of the unknown is by and large gone.
  2. The rest of it takes care of itself by and large.
  3. The people from the interior were by and large opposition supporters.
  4. The Democrats by and large believe that would destroy Social Security.
  5. And by and large he has been getting away with it.
  6. It's difficult to find by and large in a sentence.
  7. Our education has by and large denied us our cultural roots,
  8. By and large the automobile is irrelevant to many New Yorkers.
  9. By and large Paul Gascoigne is a completely unknown commodity here,
  10. By and large most of the best players are in it.
  11. President Ernesto Zedillo has by and large stayed above the campaign.
  12. The habit of fraternal correction has been lost by and large.
  13. By and large we have virtually eliminated the first three bacteria.
  14. By and large the people at NRC are very technically competent.
  15. Prisons by and large run on the labor of the inmates,
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