by and by in a sentence

"by and by" meaning  "by and by" in Chinese  
  1. By and by the ghost came, carrying his body on his back.
  2. By and by, as Miss Bai talked on, a second story emerged.
  3. "These imbalances will be leveled out by and by, " he said.
  4. In the Sweet By and By We Shall Meet " ".
  5. However, by and by, one heard rumblings of " trouble in paradise ."
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  7. By and by the visitors-- polite, well-dressed Japanese-- depart, smiling, shaking hands, waving.
  8. By and by, the landmarks commission may hear from the Gershwin.
  9. "Ah, you poor sad smiling snowman You'll be melting by and by ."
  10. By and by, the team transferred also professional ice hokey players.
  11. The other arbs will certainly be made aware of this by and by.
  12. By and by, an increasing number of species were placed here.
  13. By and by, the comet approaches, and . . . well, you'll see.
  14. "There'll be pie in the sky by and by ."
  15. Aristide is not going back speedily, but by and by.
  16. The organist and drummer began to play the spiritual " By and By ."
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