by analogy in a sentence

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  1. There is a surface appeal to this approach, if only by analogy.
  2. This prohibits the application by analogy of statutory provisions in criminal law.
  3. It is named by analogy to the theological concept of original sin.
  4. Virginia Woolf described this by analogy in her novel " Orlando ".
  5. The Fischer groups are named by analogy with the large Mathieu groups.
  6. It's difficult to find by analogy in a sentence.
  7. However, a few were originally weak but have become strong by analogy.
  8. Participation also is predicated by analogy to a dependence relations between accidents.
  9. Spectrum has since been applied by analogy to topics outside of optics.
  10. It's a means to try to explain a tricky concept by analogy.
  11. By analogy a " typescript " has been produced on a typewriter.
  12. The bag, by analogy, represents the chamber as defined in ISO 11135.
  13. By analogy, the magnetic equation is an inductive current involving spin.
  14. By analogy, hardcore punk is sometimes abbreviated to " hXc ".
  15. This field is called " p "-adic complex numbers by analogy.
  16. I prefer to begin addressing the claim of notability by analogy.
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