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"by analogy with" in Chinese  
  1. The Fischer groups are named by analogy with the large Mathieu groups.
  2. :My bad By analogy with Faux Cyrillic you could try'Faux Hebrew'or'fake Hebrew '.
  3. The term " astronautics " was coined by analogy with aeronautics.
  4. He suggested the category could also be termed'parapathia', or alternatively'pathomania'by analogy with monomania.
  5. This was termed a vesicle by analogy with lipid vesicles.
  6. It's difficult to find by analogy with in a sentence.
  7. By analogy with racism and sexism, Melanie Joy has dubbed meat-eating " carnism ".
  8. By analogy with the case, the general contraction operation is sometimes called the trace.
  9. It was coined by analogy with the adjacent Kingsbury station.
  10. The Neptune trojans are termed'trojans'by analogy with the Jupiter trojans.
  11. The name is by analogy with the way that bankers account for liquidity constraints.
  12. Some originally weak verbs have taken on strong-type forms by analogy with strong verbs.
  13. Proof of effect cannot be provided by analogy with in vitro, animal or cell experiments.
  14. This study is referred to as differential Galois theory, by analogy with algebraic Galois theory.
  15. In some instances, was partially restored to by analogy with other words, particularly in verbs.
  16. Not having a Hungarian background, I could only describe the difference by analogy with Ives.
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