by an oversight in a sentence

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  1. The Planning Commission official said the error was caused by an oversight.
  2. He learned of its hardiness only by an oversight.
  3. This indicates that information has been hidden from public view by an Oversight for more on this.
  4. By using unproven treatments identified by an oversight organization, we capitalized on an existing high quality review.
  5. By using unproven treatments identified by an oversight organization, we capitalized on an existing high quality review ."
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  7. This has been caused by an oversight from when the policy restricting anonymous users from starting articles was brought in.
  8. :As far as I know, oversight cannot be undone by an oversight user; it takes a developer.
  9. Lindstrom said the failure to notify the union was " caused by an oversight in the rush to get retailers and agents their tickets ."
  10. The programs would be audited annually by an oversight committee and would be funded only if the state's general fund grew during the previous year.
  11. They did require compliance with General Order 164-D which mandates a safety and security plan, as well as periodic on-site visits by an oversight committee.
  12. A later analysis suggests that the most probable cause of the paralyses was an acidic descaler which, by an oversight, had been allowed to remain in the sterilizing water boiler.
  13. Harvey Schiller, a former USOC executive director, said most of the members of the downsized executive committee should be chosen by an oversight body to be established by the Commerce Committee.
  14. In the first instance, pertaining to this, I provisionally removed the information and submitted my actions for review by an oversight administrator ( this is what the designation " pending review " refers to ).
  15. The Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has implemented most of 20 security measures recommended by an oversight office at the Department of Health and Human Services but still has some additional improvements to make.
  16. The president of the scandal-plagued Bangkok Bank of Commerce was fired Thursday by an oversight panel that accused him of " serious mistakes " that had pushed the bank to the brink of collapse.
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