by an eyelash in a sentence

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  1. But we can live with a president who wins by an eyelash.
  2. It's Fehr by an eyelash.
  3. Neagle's throw got him by an eyelash, with Williams remaining at third.
  4. Watts won the men's 400 meters by an eyelash over Duane Ladejo of Great Britain.
  5. And if he was still in, by an eyelash at that, he was pushed in by a Coyote.
  6. It's difficult to find by an eyelash in a sentence.
  7. Princeton won the varsity lightweight title in the second-best race of the day, nipping Harvard by an eyelash.
  8. He won only by an eyelash _ half a percentage point _ so it's hard to divine any kind of trend.
  9. Gwynn ran his heart out, and on pure desire, he beat Cal Ripken's one-hop relay throw by an eyelash.
  10. He slid on the artificial turf to field a grounder by Derek Bell and threw him out by an eyelash for the final out of the third inning.
  11. But when pressed, they tend to give Armstrong the edge by an eyelash, although LeMond has three Tour victories ( 1986, 1989-90 ).
  12. One account recalls " By one run, by one point, Nashville has won the Southern League pennant, nosing New Orleans out literally by an eyelash.
  13. Frankie Andreu, a 29-year-old journeyman from Dearborn, Mich ., hung on by an eyelash against Richard Virenque of France, who was fifth.
  14. Anderson was declared the winner in both Massachusetts and Vermont by the Associated Press, but in the wee hours of the morning ended up losing both primaries by an eyelash.
  15. Washington's hopes for a sweep collapsed early when the Huskies lost by an eyelash to Brown in the four-oared finals, in the opening race of the afternoon.
  16. He has that tattoo on his shoulder-- G . O . A . T .-- and he shouted it after he won the 100 at the Olympic trials by an eyelash.
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