by ambulance in a sentence

"by ambulance" in Chinese  
  1. He died shortly after being taken by ambulance to General Hospital.
  2. Almeida tumbled to the turf and was taken away by ambulance.
  3. Outside, surgical gloves discarded by ambulance workers littered the ground.
  4. All 10 were taken by ambulance to the West Middlesex Hospital.
  5. Two Palestinians hit by rubber bullets were taken away by ambulance.
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  7. Sang arrived in Manhattan by ambulance from Nassau County Medical Center.
  8. At least three people were injured and taken away by ambulance.
  9. It is understood they were met at the aircraft by ambulances.
  10. He was later taken by ambulance to New York Presbyterian Hospital.
  11. Young was taken by ambulance to Barnes Hospital for precautionary tests.
  12. Relkin was taken by ambulance to University Hospital after the accident.
  13. At least one person was injured and taken away by ambulance.
  14. Taken by ambulance, he hadn't however completely recovered.
  15. Two of the riders were taken to the hospital by ambulance.
  16. She was taken by ambulance to Middlemore Hospital with minor injuries.
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