by allah in a sentence

  1. These many miracles are my inheritance which is granted by Allah.
  2. By Allah, we are never going to accept this . 
  3. This brings to light the importance of being forgiven by Allah.
  4. By Allah, who there is no god but him.
  5. But by Allah's grace, I will learn.
  6. It's difficult to find by allah in a sentence.
  7. Let the matter be judged by Allah, The Best of Judges.
  8. Everyone was then blessed by Allah, and prospered thereafter ."
  9. We swear by Allah that we shall avenge the blood of our martyrs.
  10. Some of his most dedicated followers regarded him as directly inspired by Allah.
  11. According to Muslim beliefs, the salat times were taught by Allah to Muhammad.
  12. I've been blessed by Allah.
  13. It is a difficult time, but we will wait to be judged by Allah.
  14. As religious people we should at the utmost conclude that it was engineered by Allah,
  15. By Allah it is a great work.
  16. There is no success except by Allah.
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