by all rights in a sentence

"by all rights" in Chinese  
  1. By all rights, Woodall should be in the NFC East.
  2. By all rights, cell phones shouldn't surprise him.
  3. By all rights, Culpo at age 38 should be famous.
  4. By all rights, the Longhorns are included in that group.
  5. By all rights, Naniboujou should have died then and there.
  6. It's difficult to find by all rights in a sentence.
  7. By all rights, it should doom the coach as well.
  8. By all rights, the odds should be completely against me.
  9. By all rights, we should have lost that game,
  10. By all rights, Danskin should be raking in profits.
  11. By all rights, Thursday was Dole's day.
  12. By all rights, Aerosmith should be nostalgia by now.
  13. By all rights, investors should run the other way.
  14. By all rights, we ought to have to play it out,
  15. By all rights, Goodwin should me missing, too.
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