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  1. It was by all odds the best game seen in Boston this fall ."
  2. It doesn't matter that by all odds he shouldn't be here.
  3. By all odds the most colorful human drama is played out where Chinatown meets Little Italy.
  4. Although Jerkku's actions were shocking to many, he by all odds stabilised the company.
  5. By all odds the most surprising list comes from Tony Bennett : " 100 Days of Sodom,"
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  7. They saw us trying to blow that bridge and by all odds it should have blown up while they were crossing it.
  8. Kearns stepped out into the bitter cold and surveyed the vista _ one that, by all odds, no human had seen before.
  9. "It is by all odds, " the late social chronicler Cleveland Amory once wrote, " the worst ."
  10. They were just two of hundreds of atrocities committed by Guatemalan security forces, which are by all odds the most murderous and criminal in the Western Hemisphere.
  11. He was called " Os West " by Oregon writer Stewart Holbrook, who described him as " by all odds the most brilliant governor Oregon ever had ."
  12. This amazing life receives its full due in A . Scott Berg's Lindbergh ( Putnam, $ 30 ), by all odds the nonfiction book of the year.
  13. "Mozart " is another in Viking's Penguin Lives series, brief biographies of major figures by contemporary writers, and it is by all odds a signal achievement.
  14. As a Democratic member of the Ways and Means Committee through two Congresses, Mr . Bryan was by all odds the ablest and strongest orator on the Democratic side of the House.
  15. By all odds, the name was also derived, same as the name of the region, fortress  settlement and the tribe from the same source  the village of Kolaain.
  16. But before he went to MGM, he was a protege of Maurice Tourneur and directed Valentino in " The Eagle, " by all odds the actor's best film.
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