by all means in a sentence

"by all means" meaning  "by all means" in Chinese  
  1. If the occasion calls for dessert then by all means have it.
  2. I can assure you that Dresdner Bank is by all means involved,
  3. It was by all means a good dish and needed nothing more.
  4. A : By all means, sign up for a class anyway.
  5. Iraq will continue to defend its legitimate rights by all means,
  6. It's difficult to find by all means in a sentence.
  7. The door is still open for administrative action, by all means,
  8. By all means create such charts and upload them to Meta.
  9. We have proposed negotiations to the Bosnian Serbs by all means.
  10. By all means, teach your child how to balance a checkbook.
  11. We are ready to protect our civil rights by all means.
  12. Those who deserve it will by all means get government posts,
  13. If people want to have a contest, by all means do.
  14. By all means, there is plenty of skiing upcountry this week.
  15. By all means swerve to avoid it as safely as possible.
  16. By all means keep on working as long as you can.
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