by all accounts in a sentence

"by all accounts" meaning  "by all accounts" in Chinese  
  1. By all accounts it was a good move by the Sparks.
  2. His rehearsals are by all accounts as tense as his performances.
  3. By all accounts it is not as easy as it looks.
  4. By all accounts, sales of regular phone lines are booming.
  5. By all accounts, Obuchi also knows how to take criticism.
  6. It's difficult to find by all accounts in a sentence.
  7. By all accounts, that should not happen to the Sooners.
  8. Both were sharp in World Cup training, by all accounts.
  9. Also by all accounts, Tiger Woods is mature and decent.
  10. By all accounts, he is the model Taco Bell customer.
  11. By all accounts, Rapp was a brazen whiz at lying.
  12. By all accounts, the threesome has forged a tight bond.
  13. By all accounts, the answer is no to that one.
  14. By all accounts, there was nothing to be merry about.
  15. By all accounts, he became an even better musician afterward.
  16. By all accounts, Cosgrove is not this type of coach.
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