buzzes in a sentence

"buzzes" in Chinese  
  1. Buzz Aldrin, 64-- Inventor of space transportation systems.
  2. But the clothes could not distract the buzz-stuck audience.
  3. Here's the buzz about the trade in south Florida:
  4. The kid has a nice snake named Buzz, after Aldrin.
  5. THE BUZZ : " It varies from meal to meal.
  6. It's difficult to find buzzes in a sentence.
  7. It's the latest buzz word in the recording industry.
  8. There's certainly a buzz about the city ."
  9. The dryer buzzes; laundry, load one, is done.
  10. "It's gotten good press, good buzz.
  11. I spend most of my time looking for the perfect buzz.
  12. By June, it looked like Chartres with a buzz cut.
  13. And when the initial buzz wore off, I stopped looking.
  14. The Buzz : It sets the new speed standard for CDs.
  15. The Buzz : The ultimate in industrial-strength page layout.
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