buzzes off in a sentence

"buzzes off" in Chinese  
  1. They frequently tell us to take our ideas and buzz off.
  2. None of your generic American Hey, buzz off, bozo.
  3. I just think, ` Well, buzz off, "'
  4. Retired this year are " Buzz Off,"
  5. Except these guys wouldn't, didn't buzz off.
  6. It's difficult to find buzzes off in a sentence.
  7. The Campaign Finance Board politely told him to buzz off.
  8. People need to just tell these chumps to buzz off.
  9. Has your computer ever told you to buzz off?
  10. And the rest of the world should buzz off.
  11. The response that advised the council to buzz off.
  12. And all that after two years of telling the world to buzz off.
  13. Bugs be gone : Buzz Off insect-repellent apparel
  14. "I said, ` Buzz off.
  15. Knicks to Anthony Mason : thanks for the playoff memories, and buzz off.
  16. "Buzz off " and " Hubba, hubba ."
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