buzzes me in a sentence

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  1. Please buzz me when considerable progress has been made.
  2. If you have further questions, feel free to buzz me on my talk page . " "'
  3. I remember standing in front of the stage, looking up at June Christy singing " Buzz Me Baby ."
  4. And " Buzz Me In, " paradoxically Logan's effort to make a slicker recording, sat in limbo.
  5. AUDIO-POP _ CD review of Jack Logan's " Buzz Me In . " ( Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
  6. It's difficult to find buzzes me in a sentence.
  7. The backing band for his albums " Buzz Me In " and " Monkey Paw " albums was The Possibilities.
  8. "Now, he buzzes me, " said Jerry Seeman, the league's senior director of officiating, portraying the referee down on the field.
  9. Perhaps don't buzz me again, since there are problems elsewhere on the FAC list . ( talk ) 10 : 22, 14 March 2009 ( UTC)
  10. "It'll always be guitars and beating on boxes for me, " says Logan, who nonetheless presents a more polished version of himself on " Buzz Me In ."
  11. Pop open " Buzz Me In, " and it's clear that our working-class hero has experienced an upgrade : He poses in a dinner jacket, clutching a bouquet as if greeting a prom date.
  12. BUZZME-LOGAN _ Interview with Winder songwriter Jack Logan, whose new album " Buzz Me In " marks his debut for Capricorn Records, and active return to a musical career that's been stuck in idle . ( Dollar, Atlanta Journal-Constitution ) . 20.
  13. As an aside, if you want to nominate it for deletion tomorrow, just buzz me on my talk page tomorrow, and I'll set up the relevent pages so you can comment .-- 32 " "'17 : 06, 7 January 2010 ( UTC)
  14. Atlanta-based Capricorn Records, which recently signed Logan to a two-album deal, releases " Buzz Me In " on Tuesday, making it the prolific songwriter's third album in a year . ( Ill content to sit around waiting for someone to notice him, Logan completed " Little Private Angel, " a collaboration with songwriter pal Bob Kimball, and " Tinker, " on his home-grown Backburner label .)
  15. In the 1940s, Jordan released dozens of hit songs, including the swinging " Saturday Night Fish Fry " ( one of the earliest and most powerful contenders for the title of first rock and roll record ), " Blue Light Boogie ", the comic classic " Ain't Nobody Here but Us Chickens ", " Buzz Me, " " Ain't That Just Like a Woman ( They'll Do It Every Time ) ", and the multimillion seller " Choo Choo Ch'Boogie ".

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