buzzer shot in a sentence

  1. Hamilton's buzzer shot lifts 2nd seed
  2. "I've had more buzzer shots than Davy Crockett at the Alamo,"
  3. Haywoode Workman missed a 3-point attempt from the top of the key and Reggie Miller failed on a desperation buzzer shot.
  4. And Anderson's foul, being whistled on a buzzer shot with two-tenths of a second left, is almost unheard of.
  5. The Nets went into overtime for the third time in the last week when Chris Mills was long on a buzzer shot from the left wing.
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  7. Texas jumped on Tech early and went in at the half up 38-26 after a 3-point buzzer shot by the Longhorns'Danielle Viglione.
  8. On Tuesday, April 2, 2013, East Carolina won the College Insider Postseason Tournament against Weber State with a three-point buzzer shot 77-74.
  9. UConn won the Big East Tournament over Notre Dame in a game remembered for the Bird at the Buzzer shot, but lost key players Abrosimova and Ralph to season-ending injuries.
  10. OSU missed three chances to narrow the lead, but point guard John Lucas missed consecutive 3-pointers on the last possession, and Terrence Crawford's buzzer shot went off the backboard.
  11. After 40 years, the old boys from Hofstra University agree on one thing : That buzzer shot on a bleak afternoon may have ruined an undefeated season, but it did not ruin their lives.
  12. Who could forget Jordan's first comeback, March 25, 1995 when he measured Steve Smith and beat the Hawks with a 14-foot buzzer shot for a 99-98 Chicago victory.
  13. When Tech made another run to the 1994 women's final, only to lose to North Carolina on a crushing buzzer shot, Mulkey-Robertson bumped into Malone in the campus bookstore a few weeks later.
  14. Some interesting players have crept up on the roster, including former Michigan standout Jimmy King, Ace Custis ( Virginia Tech ), Jason Sasser ( Texas Tech ) and former Georgia Tech star James Forrest, most famous for hitting the buzzer shot that knocked USC out of the 1992 NCAA Tournament.

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