buzzer beaters in a sentence

  1. Richardson's buzzer beater gave the club a reprieve.
  2. This was Griffin's first career game-winning buzzer beater.
  3. His 55-foot buzzer beater was a swish.
  4. 2 ) They have the ultimate buzzer beater _ sudden-death overtime.
  5. Two of Butler's losses came on last-second buzzer beaters.
  6. It's difficult to find buzzer beaters in a sentence.
  7. In the Cup final against Zadar, Uki scored the winning buzzer beater.
  8. He also unofficially led the country in buzzer beaters as he hit Cincinnati.
  9. The 76ers would win the game with a buzzer beater by Evan Turner.
  10. But it would be unfair to characterize this loss as only a buzzer beater.
  11. Libya on Raed Elhamali's buzzer beater.
  12. During the season, Bailey he won the home contest against with a buzzer beater.
  13. LA won the first game 78 76 on a buzzer beater from forward Alana Beard.
  14. The teams played in Detroit a week ago, with Phoenix winning on a buzzer beater.
  15. However, the team lost the game because of a buzzer beater from the opposing side.
  16. Foul quickly, hope UConn missed from the foul line and come up with a buzzer beater.
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