buzzer beat in a sentence

  1. Earlier this season, his shot at the buzzer beat then-ranked Kentucky in the Delta Air Lines Classic.
  2. The song " Ichibu to Zenbu " was used as the opening theme in the Japanese TV series " Buzzer Beat ".
  3. It came a day after Howard Eisley's 3-pointer at the buzzer beat Charlotte and was a great way to start the second half of the best Mavs'season in 11 years.
  4. Sue Bird's fadeaway jumper at the buzzer beat the Irish and gave No . 2 UConn it's 10th Big East tournament title, and probably the No . 1 ranking going into the NCAA tournament.
  5. "We are playing bad, " said UA guard Miles Simon, whose running shot at the buzzer beat the Beavers and kept alive UA's quest to become the first to go 18-0 in the Pac-10.
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  7. Knight looked as though he might have been a hero again, when he took a pass from Barnes and found himself open at the top of the key with about 10 seconds left . Knight, whose 3-pointer at the buzzer beat USC on Wednesday, wasn't as fortunate this time.
  8. It was preceded by two singles : " Ichibu to Zenbu / Dive " and " My Lonely Town . " " Ichibu to Zenbu " was used as the Fuji Television drama Buzzer Beat's theme song, and " Dive " was used as a CM song for the Suzuki Swift advertising campaign.
  9. She had a recurring role in the summer Fuji TV drama " Buzzer Beat ", reuniting with her former Sailor Moon cast member Keiko Kitagawa, who had the lead female role as well as with Yamashita Tomohisa as Komatsu made a cameo appearance on his previous drama, " Kurosagi ".

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