buzz bar in a sentence

  1. The trains used buzz bars that locked in one position.
  2. The main safety restraint is a buzz bar system, which locks into one of five positions.
  3. The staff at Shortland Street began hanging out at the Dogs Day Inn when the Buzz Bar was closed down.
  4. The first coaster ever built by Custom Coasters International, it uses a single Philadelphia Toboggan Company train with buzz bars.
  5. In the mid-1980s on his pirate broadcasts he interviewed artists such as The Hippodrome, Camden Palace, Limelight, Buzz Bar, Room at the Top, Stage 3, Cinderellas Rockerfellas, 5th Avenue and The Ritzy.
  6. It's difficult to find buzz bar in a sentence.
  7. For example, Buzz bars which meet traditional lap bar Coaster Classic requirements, but it is " not " a classic because of headrests and seat dividers being added in 1981 to prevent people from standing up during the ride.

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