buzz back in a sentence

  1. Suddenly, there was a little buzz back in the NBA.
  2. Commercial airlines now buzz back and forth on regular schedules.
  3. We have do something to get the buzz back,
  4. They put the buzz back in his life.
  5. We think we can bring the buzz back.
  6. It's difficult to find buzz back in a sentence.
  7. Anyone who was there then took that buzz back to wherever they came from,
  8. She buzzes back and forth across her living room, telling stories about her obsessive quest.
  9. Boats carrying scuba divers buzz back and forth between land and the coral reefs just offshore.
  10. Without question, he brought the buzz back to Monday night and made it special again.
  11. On the nationally-televised reunion show, Rice played his single " Buzz Back ".
  12. "It's important to get some of the buzz back " with the Dreamliner.
  13. Barbie then ties Ken hostage to try to get him to reveal how to reset Buzz back to normal.
  14. Barry Bonds, Ken Griffey Jr ., Jose Canseco, Cal Ripken and Dave Winfield put the buzz back in the ballparks.
  15. He also claims that the PlayStation 2's DualShock controller " gives you a pleasurable buzz back into your hands with each kill.
  16. To stop Buzz, Lotso switches Buzz back to " demo mode " causing him to again believe he is a space ranger and turn against his friends.
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