buzz around in a sentence

"buzz around" meaning  "buzz around" in Chinese  
  1. The buzz around the Finals is growing to an almost inaudible hum.
  2. Kevin Smith is creating new buzz around " The Green Hornet ."
  3. Males buzz around trying to attract females but don't bite, she said.
  4. The buzz around RFID has built steadily over the past two years.
  5. We have 10 scooters that people use to buzz around the building.
  6. It's difficult to find buzz around in a sentence.
  7. "With Blasphemy So Heartfelt " debuted with quite a buzz around it.
  8. It seems like only Monday that the buzz around town was unmistakable.
  9. But the buzz around town on Tuesday focused on the gay-bashings.
  10. He has created a new buzz around the team, and also higher expectations.
  11. Flies buzz around exposed, rancid meat hanging from hooks in a fetid market.
  12. News buzzes around like a bee, from one backyard bush to the next.
  13. For example, his rap battling " quickly created buzz around the city "?
  14. The buzz around the conference this morning is that it was not enough.
  15. Winning that game it certainly put that buzz around our team,
  16. It received great reviews and had a cool buzz around his home ground.
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