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  1. And most of all there was no pressure to buy anything.
  2. When you buy a car, you get a service guarantee.
  3. We all ranted and raved about having to buy that equipment,
  4. Still, the buyers don't want to buy blind.
  5. He rarely has to go out to buy a new prop.
  6. It's difficult to find buy in a sentence.
  7. They appropriated $ 2 million to help the counties buy equipment.
  8. First place can excuse a lot and buy time from critics.
  9. Nowadays you can walk down the street and buy a gun.
  10. He spent 90 minutes there and didn't buy anything.
  11. Bean discovered people loved his paintings and wanted to buy them.
  12. Buy a hat with a solar-powered fan built in.
  13. But most owners rent their aircraft, or buy used airplanes.
  14. But he got over it and made a few good buys.
  15. Moorer, 26, wouldn't buy into the hype.
  16. Can the average person buy insurance to cover potential legal fees?
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