buy medicine in a sentence

"buy medicine" in Chinese  
  1. I still need to eat and buy medicine, which is plenty expensive,
  2. Supporters say consumers are savvy enough to buy medicines over the Internet.
  3. "We have no money to buy medicine or food, " she said.
  4. Geeta, seeing her sick gets out of her house to buy medicine.
  5. Her husband, Roberto, could not afford to buy medicines on the black market.
  6. It's difficult to find buy medicine in a sentence.
  7. Workers at Los Alamos raised $ 500, 000 to buy medicines for Arzamas.
  8. The Health Ministry said requests to buy medicines for HIV-AIDS patients went unanswered.
  9. There were explanations, and instructions to buy medicine, but no money for treatment.
  10. Can our government afford to buy medicines and provide treatment for every American?
  11. "He's not given any material help to buy medicines ."
  12. Why should I have to leave it to buy medicine?
  13. After that, patients have to buy medicine to cure themselves.
  14. Dial Medico promotes the route concept for " Buy medicine with online chemist ".
  15. Sometimes, there is no cash to buy medicine and equipment.
  16. Pineda had left his village Friday morning to buy medicine.
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