buy me out in a sentence

"buy me out" in Chinese  
  1. "One day someone wanted to buy me out, and I wasn't feeling good.
  2. And frankly, I would love for my management team to buy me out.
  3. She called me out of the blue and wanted to buy me out,
  4. "I want them to buy me out, " she said.
  5. How much is it worth to buy me out?
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  7. "People offer money to try to buy me out of writing against them, " he said.
  8. "He said,'When I get rich, I'm going to buy you out .'I said,'Don't buy me out.
  9. And because they terminated me without cause, they had to buy me out of my contract.
  10. "I don't think all of the money in the world could buy me out of that, " he said.
  11. "But I can't force anybody to buy me out, " and certainly, he said, not by playing country music.
  12. If they have trouble being associated with me, then they can buy me out or I will buy them out,
  13. Don't buy me out.
  14. "It was very pretty _ the woman was very talented _ but when it was done it didn't feel like my house so I let my ex-husband buy me out ."
  15. "I've said all along I like it in Phoenix, and if they're willing to give me a long-term deal to buy me out of the free agency I get next year, I'd be more than happy to do that,"
  16. I am a partner in a small business and earn $ 160, 000 a year and put $ 34, 000 a year into a tax-deferred Keogh plan and a Roth IRA . My partner will buy me out when I am 60 for $ 250, 000 in today's money, adjusted for inflation.

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