buy long in a sentence

"buy long" in Chinese  
  1. Buy long-term bonds, futures and zero coupon bonds.
  2. They disagree on when to buy long-term care insurance.
  3. It could buy long-term Treasuries, the chairman replied.
  4. The village buys long-needed resources with the treasure.
  5. European and Asian investors are not inclined generally to buy long-dated paper,
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  7. The measure also would provide tax incentives to buy long-term care insurance.
  8. Whenever possible buy long lengths so you will not have to join pieces together.
  9. Other mutual funds often buy long-term bonds to reap their higher yields.
  10. So they buy long-term care insurance when they can barely afford it.
  11. Should I buy long-term care insurance?
  12. _Buy long-term care insurance.
  13. Shrewsbury plans to buys long-distance service from Sprint and resell it to customers.
  14. Most tend to buy long, or own stocks they believe will rise in value.
  15. It is easy to see why children often buy long-term care policies for their parents.
  16. -- American plans to buy long-ailing TWA's assets in bankruptcy court proceedings.
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