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  1. There are banks who can afford to buy into that eastern connection,
  2. The child has to buy into whatever strategy you put in place.
  3. It buys into all the stereotypes about Asian women as sex objects.
  4. Judge McBryde did not buy into the hyperbole and gave fair sentences.
  5. People buy into these places because they want a sense of belonging.
  6. It's difficult to find buy into in a sentence.
  7. You can buy into that or you can work through it.
  8. But investors failed to line up to buy into the strategy.
  9. But few buy into the old romance of man against nature.
  10. Donald is eager to buy into Gardner Ross Larkin venture capital.
  11. WCM has repeatedly denied any intentions to buy into the retailer.
  12. I think we are about to buy into a failed policy.
  13. You have to believe in fairy tales to buy into this.
  14. `We feel proud that Neico has chosen to buy into Pensonic.
  15. Elway certainly has the financial wherewithal to buy into the Broncos.
  16. You buy into the whole package when you make a donation,
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