buy insurance in a sentence

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  1. No one would be required to buy insurance through such purchasing pools.
  2. They need to buy insurance for the car and for the home.
  3. Those who wait can buy insurance that will protect a larger investment.
  4. _Buy insurance from a company that gets high marks in consumer satisfaction.
  5. Airlines typically buy insurance to cover hull loss on a 12-month basis.
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  7. But Maverick County Texas officials say they can't afford to buy insurance.
  8. Bradley wants to scrap Medicaid and give people vouchers to buy insurance.
  9. Affin Holdings keen to buy insurance firm, NEW STRAITS TIMES-MANAGEMENT TIMES
  10. While fear prompts some people to buy insurance, others are motivated by love.
  11. They need to buy insurance for the car and the home.
  12. Owners of home businesses can also buy insurance through trade groups.
  13. -- There was no requirement that employers or individuals buy insurance.
  14. It failed in several attempts to buy insurance companies in the United States.
  15. Can the average person buy insurance to cover potential legal fees?
  16. He pointed out that Hernon made a conscious decision not to buy insurance.
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