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  1. He suggests using one to help " find good buys in wine.
  2. Such earning results sparked investors to buy in other cement company stocks.
  3. Besides, what am I going to buy in Georgia for 20 bucks?
  4. Blue chip stocks seen as defensive buys in bearish markets were higher.
  5. Blue chip stocks seen as defensive buys in bearish markets were mixed.
  6. It's difficult to find buy in in a sentence.
  7. Or those heavy work gloves you can buy in farm supply stores.
  8. They buy in the physical market and sell in the futures market.
  9. That was already sold when Morrissey was ready to buy in 1990.
  10. There are plenty of people willing to buy in any pullback here.
  11. This tastes so much better than what you buy in most places.
  12. There is enough time to buy in when you see some numbers.
  13. We seem to buy in the weakness and sell in the strength.
  14. Hatcher said Glaus and Tim Salmon were hesitant to buy in.
  15. We did not have relationships with suppliers to buy in bulk.
  16. A big concern is trying to get everybody to buy in,
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