buy ice cream in a sentence

  1. I went in to buy ice cream cones, not the whole store.
  2. I go up to the store and buy ice cream for them.
  3. After school, Rachel takes Jamie to buy ice cream and a Halloween costume.
  4. People buy ice cream bars from street vendors and chat on the streets.
  5. Namond later buys ice cream for all of his friends, even including Dukie at Michael's urging.
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  7. After killing her daughter, Frank-McCarron went to the grocery store to buy ice cream for herself.
  8. His sister went to buy ice cream.
  9. Jolene Jang, whom Sorrells recorded while she was waiting in line to buy ice cream, was incredulous.
  10. Later, having changed his clothes Namond buys ice creams for his friends even including Dukie at Michael's urging.
  11. Can I still buy ice cream?
  12. Shortly after, Susan takes a break to buy ice cream and spots Zach sitting on a park bench.
  13. In a fog of delusion, she goes off to buy ice cream, at which point the police identify her.
  14. "The day will come when we will be able to buy ice cream like other kids, " she said.
  15. The German Shepherd is running with Tim quickly . [ 5 ] In one village they buy ice cream.
  16. When the ice cream truck would come by, Louis would buy ice cream for the kids in the neighborhood,
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