butteries in a sentence

"butteries" in Chinese  
  1. _Glen Ellen Chardonnay ( buttery, full-bodied ).
  2. They are light and buttery compared with other dried white beans.
  3. When cooked, they're tender, sweet and buttery.
  4. Others loved the buttery crust and fresh-fruit tasting filling.
  5. "Buttery, pleasantly bitter, " says another.
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  7. The dessert is great with thin lemon or buttery shortbread cookies.
  8. Season with salt _ enough to bring out the buttery flavor.
  9. The color of milk chocolate; smooth, sweet and buttery.
  10. Sometimes the 93 percent fat-free, sometimes the buttery.
  11. Not overly buttery, with enough acid to balance the fat.
  12. It was the ideal terrine : sweet, buttery and light.
  13. The deep, buttery color alone invites you to taste it.
  14. The big, beautiful white bean boasts buttery but pillowy texture.
  15. The buttery next to the Hall serves drinks around dinner time.
  16. The basement of Pierson is also home to the Pierson Buttery.
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