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  1. The three layered kagami mochi are placed on the butsudan or on the kamidana.
  2. The key industries of Hikone are the manufacturing of butsudan, textiles, and valves.
  3. The defined space which occupies the Butsudan is referred to as " Butsuma ".
  4. In Buddhism, a " butsudan " is an altar found in temples or homes.
  5. The Gohonzon is oftentimes, though not always, enshrined within a " butsudan ".
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  7. He uncharacteristically shows emotion for the first time since he married Mother by crying at her butsudan.
  8. Some buddhist sects place " ihai, " memorial tablets for deceased relatives, within or near the butsudan.
  9. The butsudan is the altar in a monastery where offerings are made to the images of the Buddha or bodhisattvas.
  10. In Buddhist homes, the Butsudan serves as a repository for the souls of deceased family members who are worshipped daily.
  11. The arrangement and types of items in and around the " butsudan " can vary depending on the sect.
  12. The original design for the butsudan began in India, where people built altars as an offering-place to the Buddha.
  13. This style of mandala is still used by some Jodo Shinshu Buddhists in home altars, or " butsudan ".
  14. In some Buddhist sects, when a Butsudan is replaced or repaired by the family, a re-enshrinement ceremony follows.
  15. The " butsudan " is typically placed upon a larger cabinet in which are kept important family documents and certificates.
  16. If there are doors used, a Butsudan enshrines the " Gohonzon " icon during religious observances, and close after usage.
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