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  1. Its demise would be Japan's biggest business failure since World War II.
  2. This is just another business failure, they say, with no policy implications.
  3. There have been predictions of business failures attributable to the millennium bug.
  4. Most successful businesspeople have one or more business failures in their records.
  5. Indiana experienced high unemployment, business failures, labor strikes, and falling farm prices.
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  7. However he later suffered several business failures and declared bankruptcy in 1867.
  8. It was the country's largest business failure in more than a decade.
  9. All these hurdles make home-based business failures more common than successes.
  10. It was the country's biggest business failure since World War II.
  11. Later, business failure led to personal desperation and a marriage breakup.
  12. It may be Japan's biggest business failure since World War II.
  13. His life has essentially been one of frustration and business failure.
  14. Kia is the latest in a string of major business failures in Korea.
  15. In past airline business failures, frequent fliers came out relatively unscathed.
  16. It is one of the biggest business failures in Australian history.
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