business fable in a sentence

  1. This business fable tells us that conflicts are in our minds.
  2. Like most of Lencioni's books, the bulk of it is written as a business fable.
  3. The business fable of "'The Chicken and the Pig "'is about commitment to a project or cause.
  4. The first book in the series was in the business fable genre, using the story of fictional characters to convey financial advise.
  5. In this business fable, we read a moving story of struggling parents and children facing and coping with problems that consume their lives.
  6. It's difficult to find business fable in a sentence.
  7. Both have also edited The Traveler's Gift, which is an obscure " business fable " similar to Patel's book.
  8. ""'Surviving Your Serengeti : 7 Skills to Master Business and Life " "', published March 2011, is a motivational business fable based on author Stefan Swanepoel's experiences in business and growing up in Africa.
  9. They come together to foster friendship and cooperation not only between their own families, but also among warring parents and children . " The Anatomy of Peace " is a business fable with directions to lead a harmonious life in the face of adversity and conflicts.

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