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  1. Business Express is privately owned and does not publish its financial results.
  2. The one-way Business Express fare between Boston and New York is dlrs 116.
  3. At this time, Business Express was Boston's largest airline, operating 158 daily departures.
  4. The acquisition of Reno Air and American Eagle's acquisition of Business Express are announced.
  5. Operators of neighboring businesses express doubts that the Cuban-born Rodriguez would commit foul play.
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  7. Air Canada, Northwest and Delta Business Express all offer service to Ottawa from Boston.
  8. Many features of the American Eagle contract are better than the Business Express contract,
  9. AMR announced in December it was buying Business Express to expand service in the Northeast.
  10. US Airways, Southwest, United, Northwest, MetroJet, Continental, Delta and Business Express fly to the airport.
  11. The company started the Business Express, an online business center service for hotels and convention centers.
  12. Eagle gained the coveted takeoff and landing slots with its purchase of Business Express earlier this year.
  13. They include SkyWest through its Salt Lake City hub, and Business Express and Trans States in the Northeast.
  14. The flight attendants say they need a pay raise to be on par with their new Business Express colleagues.
  15. Continental Express service continued, on Beech 1900s and ATR-42s, while Business Express flights became Saab 340s and Beech 1900s.
  16. Employees said about 1, 100 American Eagle flight attendants and 200 from Business Express are members of the same union.
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