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  1. EA executives, meanwhile, say Sega had no business exploring their company's private beta test.
  2. NACo understands the importance of strong public-private partnerships and is committed to assisting counties and businesses explore new, innovative ways of working together.
  3. British Petroleum said it merely wants to keep people from illegally hindering its legitimate business exploring for oil west of Scotland's Shetland Islands.
  4. Under the government's proposal, Energia Argentina SA, or ENARSA, will operate a business exploring gas and hydrocarbon deposits and transporting and refining them.
  5. He said " copyright absolutists " were responsible for the crackdown on individuals and business exploring the gray and unlitigated areas of intellectual property law.
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  7. Other features include a $ 50, 000 grant to Junior Achievement to teach high school students about exporting, and partnerships with public agencies to help small businesses explore export opportunities.
  8. _" Advanced Business Action Plan " is a 10-week class designed to help aimed at helping those who are already in business explore new markets, add staff and grow their companies.
  9. The Greater Toronto Marketing Alliance ( GTMA ) is a " public-private partnership that serves as the key point of contact for businesses exploring opportunities in the Greater Toronto Area ( GTA ) ".
  10. Total retail sales transacted on the Net added up to only about $ 200 million in 1994, according to CommerceNet, a consortium of businesses exploring use of the Internet _ less than one-tenth of 1 percent of what was spent on mail-order shopping.

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