business experience in a sentence

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  1. The increase was broad-based, with all of our industrial businesses experiencing growth,
  2. Few have management or business experience, and many say racism remains widespread.
  3. His political and business experience make him uniquely qualified to lead Mississippi,
  4. The other lure of the internships, of course, is real business experience.
  5. She brings to the appointment considerable character, business experience and IT expertise,
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  7. My business experience tells me do the right thing, stick to it,
  8. Inhofe's somewhat uneven business experience has been echoed in his political experience.
  9. I consider myself a technologist who happens to have some business experience.
  10. Three have extensive business experience and the fourth is a law professor.
  11. In our press kit, we actually promoted our lack of business experience.
  12. Bush said his business experience also helped prepare him for the presidency.
  13. Given the business experience, however, some of his moves have been puzzling.
  14. He had more business experience than Levy, whose specialty was libel law.
  15. Rosapepe is an entrepreneur with business experience in Central and Eastern Europe.
  16. Toefy's background includes politics and law, and years of business experience.
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