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  1. For the business expense deduction it is not a requirement that the recipient is specified.
  2. Business Expense Deductions : Equipment purchased for use in your business is generally depreciated over its useful life.
  3. They all have similar business expense deductions like the one that's oversupposed in the OP . talk ) 05 : 13, 20 December 2013 ( UTC)
  4. You can't take a business expense deduction for a public referendum . . . It is really black and white, it is clear in the tax code ."
  5. Furthermore, the decision puts all one-day travelers forced to pay for their meals on an equal footing when it comes to allowing a ?162 ( a ) ( 2 ) business expense deduction.
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  7. He submitted misleading documentation _ the diary of a friend and former staffer, presented as his own _ during a 1987 audit of an $ 9, 000 business expense deduction that he had taken in 1983.
  8. The revitalization zone, spanning from Van Nuys to North Hollywood in the Valley, offers a host of economy-enhancing incentives, including hiring, sales and use tax credits, business expense deductions, carry-over for net operating losses, construction hiring credit, and net interest deduction for lenders, according to Hertzberg.

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