business activity in a sentence

"business activity" meaning  "business activity" in Chinese  
  1. Business activity remains strong in most parts of the U . S.
  2. Akayev also urged the government to assist people to conduct business activities.
  3. Such treaties ensure that business activity is taxed in only one country.
  4. Bavaria is considering splitting its beverage operations from its other business activities.
  5. Business activities in the country could also be enhanced through the link.
  6. It's difficult to find business activity in a sentence.
  7. Many engaged in business activities and worked alongside men in the fields.
  8. Saowalak Pumyaem takes a closer look at a now booming business activity.
  9. And this will lead to further weakening in business activities and consumption.
  10. If a calamity destroyed the data center business activities would be interrupted.
  11. Dr M : Sweden keen to expand business activities in Malaysia, NEW
  12. Let us not rely too much on loans to support business activities.
  13. The company said all pretax profit was derived from ordinary business activities.
  14. Philadelphia : Business activity was mixed in September and early October.
  15. Epstein will still oversee new business activities for the time being.
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