busily in a sentence

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  1. Germany, meanwhile, is busily absorbing the former East Germany.
  2. But one afternoon he was busily engaged in a repair project.
  3. Like several James Bond villains he's busily launching satellites.
  4. Soon he is slick, debonair and busily seducing other women.
  5. At the same time, Heinemann is also busily raising money.
  6. It's difficult to find busily in a sentence.
  7. He is now busily proving what his enemies say about him.
  8. Deal said little, busily looking for flaws in the fit.
  9. Grandmother sat in her chair busily putting together a picture puzzle.
  10. The national press is busily framing her as a Texas twit.
  11. Poland is busily expanding its roads and malls and business culture.
  12. Reporters scurry busily about, aiming their cameras at excited groups.
  13. Meticulous English tailors busily refine pockets, buttons and hems.
  14. Inside, a camera has been snapping busily as well.
  15. And the Library is busily " digitalizing ."
  16. Engineers busily keep up repairs that sit idle in hangars.
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