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  1. Busije covered an area of 42 hectares, divided into 1.300 lots for individual houses.
  2. Water, electricity and street lights were also introduced but Busije still has no school or kindergarten.
  3. From 2008, the new 16th street in Busije, a part of Belgrade, carries his name.
  4. It extends to the north east, toward the Busije and Ugrinovci ( " ` angajska " itself extends into the road to Ugrinovci ).
  5. Settlement remained cut off from the rest of the city for the first ten years as the City of Belgrade drafted its first urban development plan for Busije in 2007.
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  7. Proposed municipality of Batajnica would split from the municipality of Zemun and comprise Batajnica and Ugrinovci ( with Busije and Grmovac ), with a population of 37, 371 in 2002.
  8. Just like the other similar settlement, Grmovac, origins of Busije ( Serbian for'ambush') date from 1997 when the Zemun's municipal leadership decided to sell empty lots to the refugees from Croatia which were forced out after the Operation Storm in 1995.
  9. With the outbreak of the Yugoslav Wars in 1991, and especially after the 1995 Oluja action which forced out 250, 000 Serbs from Croatia into Serbia, many refugees settled in this area, which resulted in creation of several new settlements ( Altina, Plavi Horizonti, Grmovac, Busije ).
  10. Dobanovci stretches southeast to Sur in and to the north in the direction of the settlements of Grmovac and Ugrinovci, forming one almost continuing ring-shaped built-up urban area in eastern Syrmia ( Dobanovci-Sur in-Be ~ anija-Be ~ anijska Kosa-Plavi Horizonti-Altina-Zemun Polje-Busije-Ugrinovci-Grmovac ).
  11. In the northern direction to Batajnica, which is away, is the new sub-neighborhood of Busije, while in the northern direction to Dobanovci (, over the Belgrade-Zagreb highway ) is the also new sub-neighbourhood of Grmovac, both being populated since the mid-1990s with the refugees from Croatia and Bosnia and Hercegovina, which almost doubled the population of Ugrinovci.
  12. It is some 15 kilometres away from downtown Belgrade, but only 6 kilometres away from Nova Pazova and Novi Banovci, fast growing settlements in the Vojvodina's municipality of Stara Pazova, to which it almost makes a continuous built-up area . : it extends to the southwest in the direction of Ugrinovci's neighborhood of Busije and southeast in the direction of other Zemun's neighborhoods : Zemun Polje, Galenika and Govei Brod.
  13. As a result of the war, the villages of Busije, Crkveno, aavica, Donja Previja, Donja Slatina, Donji Ribnik, Donji Vrbljani, Dragoraj, Gornja Previja, Gornja Slatina, Gornje Sokolovo, Gornji Ribnik, Gornji Vrbljani, Rastoka, Sitnica, Sredice, Stra ~ ice, Treskavac, Velijaanica, Velije et Zablee, as well as parts of Donje Ratkovo, Donje Sokolovo, Dubo ani, Gornje Ratkovo, Jarice, Ljubine et Vele evo became a part of Ribnik municipality, Republika Srpska.

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