bush in a sentence

"bush" meaning  
  1. The embargo against Cambodia was lifted by President Bush in 1992.
  2. George W . Bush advised his father in both presidential bids.
  3. George W . Bush says, when asked how they differ.
  4. Bush said Friday during a stop at South Side High School.
  5. Congress, and eventually President Bush, pushed for more money.
  6. It's difficult to find bush in a sentence.
  7. Bush's wife, Columba, is Mexican-American.
  8. Bush said Monday from Lake Tahoe, where he is vacationing.
  9. Spray them on ground vegetation, on tall bushes and trees.
  10. Rymer was appointed to the appeals court by President George Bush.
  11. Bush said he assumed he had shot off the tail feathers.
  12. "That's typical of George W . Bush.
  13. Mrs . Bush writes of the Majors in one typical passage.
  14. Barbara Bush never was one to dawdle over decision-making.
  15. No one should doubt that Barbara Bush was and is strong.
  16. President Bush sounded as if he had chosen the former course.
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