burst in a sentence

"burst" meaning  "burst" in Chinese  
  1. At that, Nancy and her husband Jim burst out laughing.
  2. He had exceptional quickness and speed-- and a burst.
  3. Huffington told Time magazine in a burst of self-parody.
  4. Payton's late burst snuffed the Rockets'last rally.
  5. We went through the front door-- we burst through.
  6. It's difficult to find burst in a sentence.
  7. Harper burst by Evans and caught the ball on the 33.
  8. Telecommuting always enjoys a burst of popularity following a natural disaster.
  9. That failure ignited what burst into " Iraqgate ."
  10. Suddenly a dam seemed to burst and I began to sob.
  11. That added to the excitement, the pure burst of adrenalin.
  12. It makes life meaningful, gives me huge bursts of energy.
  13. Two-year-old Elishah was a burst of sunshine.
  14. Splashy bursts of blue and purple bells beg a closer look.
  15. When he was done, the courtroom audience burst into applause.
  16. Harvey walked into Steckel's office and burst into tears.
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