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"burst with" meaning  "burst with" in Chinese  
  1. Small eggplants developed, pepper plants burst with color and lady peas flourished.
  2. Suddenly, anti-aircraft fire burst with a force that shook the entire airplane.
  3. When the Fed did belatedly act, the bubble burst with a vengeance.
  4. For starters, the newest one-pieces burst with an array of bright colors.
  5. He flexes those muscles occasionally in short bursts with Letterman or Leno.
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  7. Weinberg compared them to petri dishes, just waiting to burst with life.
  8. Their flavor is fully developed and the bulbs still burst with juice.
  9. Mention England to Susan Allen Toth and she fairly bursts with delight.
  10. Unconventional music that seems ready to burst with goofy, giddy joy.
  11. When she completed her final spin, she seemed about to burst with joy.
  12. Sister Berta bursts with ideas; Sister Corita makes the ideas happen.
  13. The sun-drenched space bursts with color like a jarful of jellybeans.
  14. Despite complaints of being worn-down, Slutskaya's short program burst with energy.
  15. Most Estonians burst with pride that their countrymen provoked such a global-scale fuss.
  16. Each time they snapped a photo, the windows burst with light.
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