burst with pride in a sentence

"burst with pride" meaning  "burst with pride" in Chinese  
  1. You can imagine how that made me burst with pride.
  2. He did not exactly burst with pride over the accomplishment.
  3. My heart just bursts with pride today,
  4. Mariano's Filipino-American relatives burst with pride as they witnessed her promotion.
  5. She loved a good story and burst with pride with the people who wrote them.
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  7. Most Estonians burst with pride that their countrymen provoked such a global-scale fuss.
  8. What father wouldn't burst with pride to see his boys in such a position?
  9. When he spoke of his country you'd think his heart would burst with pride.
  10. It makes me burst with pride.
  11. We burst with pride and mark the milestone in the baby book, but we could do more.
  12. But I'll bet Ripken's children burst with pride when their dad came up to bat.
  13. Our younger son fairly burst with pride when I said he might be the youngest person ever to backpack around Mount Hood.
  14. It must have made Bill Clinton burst with pride to see his protege unleash such a blatant falsehood without so much as a hint of embarrassment.
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